Disability Futurity

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Disability Futurity refers to the disability of the future and envisions a future marked by a very different concept of “disability”. This speaker series, organised in 2019-2020 by the Carleton University Disability Research Group (CUDRG) in collaboration with the Liverpool Hope University Centre for Culture & Disability Studies (CCDS), sought to re-imagine what disability will mean in the future. It drew together speakers from a range of perspectives that all appreciate the growing significance of disability identity and considered the concept outside of the current dominant category of “normativity”.

The major question it addressed was how to change the dominant perceptions of disability in society. Despite the fluctuating, permeable, and time-contingent nature of disability, it is often characterized in medical, social, and even scholarly circles as a binary condition or “illness”. Disability is too often viewed as the result of a tragic event, rather than an identity with which the majority of us will come to identify at some point in our lives. As a consequence, disability is marginalized in the present, which is why this series looked ahead with optimism towards disability futurity.

Through this exhibit, you will find recordings of the speakers’ lectures and the discussions that followed (with closed captions and described video available), English transcripts of the events, some French-translated transcripts, and a range of online resources, further reading, and teaching material.

The CUDRG would like to thank the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, CU Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, CU School of Social Work, CU Department of History, and the University of Ottawa Nursing History Research Unit-Unité de recherche sur l’histoire du nursing for their generous support of this series.

CUDRG Disability Futurity Team:

Julia Aguiar, Research Assistant

Brittany Clayton, Transcription Assistant

Chloe Dennis, Research Assistant

Dominique Marshall, Project Lead

Ryan Patterson, Project Director

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