New Technology in Patterson Hall featured in AMI This Week news story

Hello, this is Brittany Clayton with an AMI This Week exclusive. Last Monday, a story about a new technology was featured on AMI This Week.This new technology was developed in Ottawa by a company called Proto-Dev. The technology allows users to operate elevators with the use of their smart phones. Users can download an app called Contactless Access from either the IOS App Store or the Google Play store. Once the app is activated, it works with bluetooth technology, — switches that are the size of small match-boxes. These small devices communicate with the app, hence allowing users to operate elevators and automatic doors. The idea originally came about through Carleton University’s READ institute and the contact was Deen Malway. In the interview, Wang sa7s “the idea came about when they approached us two years ago when they had a problem; students with disabilities could not use the elevators.” According to Wang, this technology has had a few pilot projects. The first was installed at Patterson Hall at Carleton University. “Since then”, says Wang, “it has been installed at Pearson International Airport and on twenty automatic doors.” The overall feedback from these pilot projects has been positive. “It’s a pretty neat technology, especially for those with disabilities. For them, it means no more getting stuck in elevators as they can now use them themselves.”

However, in the age of COVID, this technology has now become increasingly popular even with those who are able-bodied. Stay tuned to this web site for future articles.

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