CUDRG Summer 2020 Bulletin

Here’s what’s making news in the CUDRG this Summer:

  1. “Disability Futurity” Virtual Transnational Seminars: 4 done 3 to go

Despite the setbacks from COVID 19, the remaining Three seminars will be planned and hosted at both Carleton University and Liverpool Hope in the UK in the Fall of 2020.  Four seminars have already taken place and have been recorded. Currently, there is a described video and video with closed captioning, whichever suits the viewer, both options are made available to them now. It can be seen here:

There are also full transcriptions in nice downloadable files for it to be easy to read, with the fourth being in the final stages of completion. The final website to disseminate the project is in the process of being built to display them. We will inform you when the dates are set. The team lead by Ryan Patterson includes undergraduate research assistants Julia Aguiar and Chloe Dennis, as well as transcription assistant Brittany Clayton.IMG_4294

Mx. Seeley Quest Lecture, Carleton University, with Liverpool Hope on-screen,  January 22, 2020. Photograph: Chloe Dennis


Dr. Gulliver Lecture, Carleton University, November 20, 2019, with Liverpool Hope on-screen,  Photograph: Chloe Dennis

Lead by Ryan Patterson, the series was part of the project of internationalizing the CUDRG to expand our research networks in the academic community. There is a good case to be made for drafting a project to continue the series once this one is finished. Ryan will start to contact people and keep this project going while trying to gradually make the funding work as well. Please contact him if you have any suggestions.

2. Mennonite Central Committee Exhibit Now Online

The new exhibit on transnational representation in Canada, and the Founding of Saving the People’s International, is complete and online.   URL address:–

Ryan Patterson will present the results at the 100thanniversary Conference of the Mennonite Central Committee, which has been postponed to October 2021. (see updates here:

Transnational Representation Exhibit Image

Disabled Peoples’ International 1stWorld Congress, Singapore 1981 features in the new online exhibit.

3. New Project on Oral Histories of Activists in the Disability rights movement in Canada (1970-2020)

Thanks to the Evelyn Maud McCorkell fund from Carleton University’s Social Work Department and the Engagement Fund from the Faculty of Public Affairs,   Therese Jennissen (Social Work) and Dominique Marshall, (history), are starting a series of oral history interviews with veterans of the movement in Canada.  The project is the brainchild of Roy Hanes, who will continue to be involved after his retirement this July.  The CUDRG will hire graduate research assistants in the Summer, and the adverts will be posted on the CUDRG website at the beginning of July.

Adrian Chan’s Work :

Adrian is continuing with a proposal fully submitted in January 2020 for a large CFI grant on a Canadian Accessibility Network. News is expected in the late summer or early fall. He writes: “I’m presently working on the NFRF Transformation proposal which is looking to create a model for transformative systems-level change for accessibility and social inclusion, grounding the efforts in the area of long-distance travel; an area that is suffering right now but will rebuild and have an opportunity to redesign itself. The LOI will be due in mid-July and if we get approved, the full proposal will be due probably early 2021.”

4. Travelling Exhibits: Old and Upcoming

Upcoming panels are being prepared on deaf and blind independent living in Ontario.  The travel exhibits are available.  If you are interested, write to


CUDRG Traveling Exhibit Panel, displayed in Toronto for the CDSA Conference, May June 2017


5. New and old members

Welcome to CUDRG to new member Therese Jennissen, Professor in Social Work

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 3.33.05 PM

Welcome to Brittany Clayton,  who is now joining as a member after her stay as the Research Administrator and Technical Advisor finished on June 1, 2020

Welcome to James Rudberg, Research Administrator.

To learn more about James see his introductory blog here:

Farewell and thank you to Natalie Spagnuolo.



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