James Rudberg Introduction

Hello! My name is James Rudberg. I am the new research administrative assistant for the Carleton University Disability Research Group (CUDRG). It is with great pleasure to join the CUDRG team and look forward to contributing to the utmost success of this group by advancing the importance of disability awareness on University campuses in Canada. I will be responsible for organizing meetings, events, managing social media, along with research-related work in the Far East, where much of my expertise lies in.

I have finished up my first year of graduate studies at Carleton University, working toward an MA in Political Science. I am originally from Toronto Ontario, having completed a bachelor’s of Honours double majoring in East Asian Studies and Political Science at York University. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese after having studied it for ten years, in addition to working toward achieving a high fluency of business French. While at York University, I was very fortunate enough to participate in three academic exchanges, the first one being in Shanghai China at Fudan University in June 2015, another in Seoul South Korea, in May 2016 at Yonsei University, followed by a one-term academic exchange at HKU in Hong Kong back in the fall of 2016. I was also very fortunate enough to complete a two-month internship placement in Tokyo, Japan last summer.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.45.35 PM


Moreover, joining the Carleton University Disability Research Group as a new Administrative assistant is not only an honor for me, but also will teach me a host of new skills that will enhance my professional career and growth development as a person. Learning new software programs like WordPress, Doodle Poll, along with Own Cloud filing storage service become great resources for helping to further enhance the CUDRG message in the importance of Disability rights.

In short, I hope my new additions to the CUDRG website will not only help educate Canadians on the current disability situation in Canada, but more importantly help spread the message, that being how inclusion for all can make significant advancements not only for our country, but for the good of humankind.

Thus, it is with great diligence that I introduce myself to you all on the CUDRG website blog page and believe we can work together to advance greater awareness action for disability rights. I look forward to a very interesting and fruitful summer through full working collaboration on the team. My research interests are in the history of Disability in East Asia, and am in the process of adding content related to this area to further contribute to the CUDRG mission and objectives. Thank you!


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