A Call For Papers

The CUDRG is launching an exciting new series. 2019-20 Seminar Series: Disability Futurity

Call for Proposals
Carleton University’s Disability Research Group (CUDRG)
Liverpool Hope University’s Centre for Culture and Disability Studies (CCDS)
Disability futurity refers to the disability of the future; the future of disability. This series will initiate and investigate multiple theories, representations, and concepts around the theme of disability futurity in light of the growing significance and prevalence of disability identity worldwide. What does an aging population mean for disability identity? If a growing number of people are expected to experience disability, how should the experiential knowledge of disabled people in the present be regarded and rendered? What are the implications of such non-normative ways of knowing? These and related questions will be explored in an international seminar series co-hosted by the CUDRG and the CCDS. We invite contributions from a wide range of disciplines, approaches, and perspectives.
It is anticipated that the Disability Futurity seminar series will run throughout the 2019-20 academic year. Seminars will be hosted alternately at Carleton and Liverpool Hope and each one broadcast to the partner institution.
If you are interested in contributing a seminar, please submit a proposal and a short bio to the CCDS (ccds@hope.ac.uk). Please indicate in your proposal any preference to travel to Ottawa, Canada or Liverpool, UK
The deadline for submission of proposals (up to 200 words plus references and short bio) is January 7, 2019.


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